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MANTHAN: Journal of Commerce and Management, Volume 5, Issue 2


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Personality as Predictor of Organisational Citizenship Behaviour: A Study in the Indian Information Technology Industry
DOI No. : 10.17492/manthan.v5i2.14317
Ujjal Mukherjee and Vinayak Bhat

Behavioural Mechanism to Overcome Leadership Challenges: The Role of Inward Looking Leadership
DOI No. : 10.17492/manthan.v5i2.14318
Poonam Verma

Making Sense in Marketing: Sensory Strategies for International Quick Service Restaurants
DOI No. : 10.17492/manthan.v5i2.14319
Mohammed Abdul Azeem and Sharafat Hussain

E=MC2: The New Performance Management System in Telecommunication Industry
DOI No. : 10.17492/manthan.v5i2.14320
Anant Deogaonkar and Bijal Zaveri

Telling Stories in the Digital Space: A Marketing Perspective
DOI No. : 10.17492/manthan.v5i2.14321
Yukti Ahuja and Indu Loura

A Study on the Customers Perception for the purchase of School Bus: A Pseudo B2B Marketing Scenario
DOI No. : 10.17492/manthan.v5i2.14322
Jagdish Bhagwat and Anurag Tiwari

Evaluation of Pro-Environmental Behaviour: A Study on effect of Self-identity on Pro-Environmental Actions
DOI No. : 10.17492/manthan.v5i2.14323
Saumya Aggarwal, Bhawna Rajput and Shweta

An Empirical Study on Employee Engagement and its effect on Job Satisfaction
DOI No. : 10.17492/manthan.v5i2.14324
Pratiksha Tiwari, Rashi Nagpal, Tanya Mirg and Nitika Jain

An Empirical Evaluation of Factors leading to Happiness
DOI No. : 10.17492/manthan.v5i2.14325
Archana Bakshi and Kanwaljit Kaur