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A Study on the Cognizance about Crowdfunding among the Entrepreneurs and its Regulatory Framework in India

Vol 9 , Issue 2 , July - December 2020 | Pages: 58-63 | Research Paper

Author Details ( * ) denotes Corresponding author

1. * Simran Singh, PHD SCHOLAR, Department of commerce and business studies, Central university of south bihar, Gaya, Bihar, India (

Crowdfunding is a collective effort by people who contribute collectively through the internet, for funding for a specific cause, project or a business venture in exchange of reward. It is similar to the traditional concept of donation or social cooperation but here the funding is done with an objective of getting some amount of return either monetary or non monetary on the investment made by the crowd. These days the crowdfunding is associated with internet and the use of social media for capital-raising. The aim of this study is to measure cognizance and regulatory framework in India. The result of the study reveals that cognizance of crowdfunding is low, very few entrepreneur know and understand about the crowdfunding as a source of fund raising. It finds that how many entrepreneurs know about the crowdfunding and its mechanism to collect the fund by the investors via internet.


Crowdfunding; Business; Entrepreneurs; Startups; Cognizance; Investor

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