3rd International Conference - Impact of Current Events on the Future of Business

23rd - 24th April 2021 , New Delhi , Delhi , India

Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad

3rd International Conference - Impact of Current Events on the Future of Business

VJIM Conference Proceedings, April 2021; ISBN No. 978-81-950136-4-7

Editors: Dr. Yamini Meduri and Dr. Vishal Kutchu

S.No Paper ID Paper Title Author/s Name Pagination Article View Suggested Citation DOI No.
1 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/07 COVID 19: Effect of Job Insecurity on Employee Performance: Mediating Role of Depression Mohammad Ali, Sabrina Sharmin Nishat, Farzana Tazin 1-13 View Citation NA
2 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/06 A Critical Analysis on the Impact of Work From Home Policy in India Saparya Suresh 14-19 View Citation NA
3 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/14 Factors Determining Choice of Newspapers a Reader Buy Ramar Veluchamy, Rutika Gawande, Saloni Keshwani 20-27 View Citation NA
4 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/23 Price Discovery and Risk Management in Agri-commodity Futures Market in Emerging Market Like India Syeda Rukhsana Khalid, V. Mary Jessica 28-37 View Citation NA
5 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/18 Covid-19 and Corporate Governance (India): Practical Issues, Implications and New Relief Measures C. S. Divyesh Patel, Naresh K. Patel 38-46 View Citation NA
6 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/09 Determinants of Occupational Stress in Information Systems Professionals post COVID-19- A Factor Analysis Approach Bandla Prathyusha, Chalasani S. Durga Prasad 47-62 View Citation NA
7 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/19 An Expensive Price to Pay: How Article XXI(b) Protects International Hegemony at the Cost of Good Governance Abhijit Vasmatkar, Suma Dadke, P. Sriya 63-76 View Citation NA
8 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/22 A Study on the Influence of Customer Relationship Management on Service Quality and Customer Loyalty: A study conducted among Hotels in Tamil Nadu and Kerala S. Franklin John, Vimala K. V. 77-85 View Citation NA
9 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/16 Comparative Study on HRM Practices During Covid-19 in Automotive Companies Ramar Veluchamy, Karishma Sanghai, Komal 86-96 View Citation NA
10 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/13 Enhancing Employee Well-being: Issues and concern for Virtual Work Style K. M. Akanksha, Mamta Gaur 97-105 View Citation NA
11 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/12 Impact of Expert System in Detecting Breast Carcinoma among Women Worldwide with Anxiety due to COVID -19 Jaya Lakshmi Vakiti 106-114 View Citation NA
12 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/15 Impact of Social Issues in Marketing Ramar Veluchamy, Rajat Gupta, Raj Sagar, Ravisankar Chowdhury 115-123 View Citation NA
13 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/30 Pivoting Business Model as a Strategic Response to COVID-19: A Study of Select Organizations in India A. Ramesh 124-131 View Citation NA
14 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/08 Trends in ICT Management Sameer Kulkarni, Sumati Sidharth 132-140 View Citation NA
15 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/01 An Analysis of Levels of Financial Numeracy and Attitude among the Teachers in Higher Learning Institutions in Hyderabad R. K. Prasad Gutti, John Byju 141-151 View Citation NA
16 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/02 Impact of Covid-19 on Coaching Institutes Manmath Deshpande 152-159 View Citation NA
17 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/03 Indian Life Insurance Market: The Liberalisation Experience and Emerging Dynamics K. V. Bhanu Murthy, Manisha Choudhary 160-171 View Citation NA
18 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/27 An Understanding of the Emerging Dynamics in the Luxury Ecosystem Raghupriya A., Thiruchelvi A. 172-183 View Citation NA
19 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/17 Influence of Consumer Behaviours towards Online Shopping Pooja Agarwal, Riya Agarwal, Priyanshu Mishra, Ramar Veluchamy 184-188 View Citation NA
20 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/20 A Study on Marketing Strategies of Banking Services During Covid Times Namitha Krishnan, Sheeja R. 189-201 View Citation NA
21 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/21 Use of Conjoint Analysis to Understand Purchase Behavior of Customers in Indian Garment Retail Industry Sheeja R., Indhu Nayana C. V. 202-212 View Citation NA
22 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2021/Sub/25 Impact of Covid -19 on Performance of Indian Sectoral Indices Lakshmi Rawat 213-222 View Citation NA