Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management

4th International Conference on

Impact of Current Events on the Future of Business

Theme: Building Resilient Organizations

Pre-conference workshop: The Art of Getting Published in ABDC/Scopus Journals

Hybrid Mode: 7th to 9th April 2022, VJIM Campus, Pragathi Nagar, Hyderabad

Conference Proceedings, April 2022

Building Resilient Organizations

4th International Conference on

"Impact of Current Events on the Future of Business"


Dr. Falguni H. Pandya, Dr. Sheelam Jain & Mrs. Niharika Atchyutuni

S.No Paper ID Paper Title Author/s Name Pagination Article View Suggested Citation DOI No.
1 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2022/Sub/01 Digital Literacy: An Investigation into the Perceived Challenges and Opportunities of Women GenX & Baby Boomers Lakshman Kumar, Guru Basava Aradhya S., Avijit Saha and Venkat Narayanan 1-13 View Citation NA
2 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2022/Sub/02 A Study on the Influence of Customer Relationship Management on Service Quality and Customer Loyalty Vimla K. V. 14-23 View Citation NA
3 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2022/Sub/03 Tourism Industry – A Pandemic Struggle of Sustenance Sheetal Renosh and Alex Rajesh 24-33 View Citation NA
4 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2022/Sub/04 The Impact of Financial Leverage on Firm’s Profitability Krithi Rajendran 34-40 View Citation NA
5 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2022/Sub/05 Impact of Big Five Personality Traits on Employee Commitment and Employee Performance Shemi Varghese 41-53 View Citation NA
6 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2022/Sub/06 Green Banking Initiatives: A Special Reference towards Public Sector Banks in Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu M. Narayanan and S. Chandrasekaran 54-61 View Citation NA
7 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2022/Sub/07 Work-Life Balance among Women in the Private Higher Education Industry during COVID-19: A Path to Organisational Sustainability Geetha Manoharan and Sunitha Purushottam Ashtikar 62-78 View Citation NA
8 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2022/Sub/08 Investigation of Groundwater Level Fluctuation and Trends: A Case Study of Bhiwani District, Haryana Sonu, Sanjay Kumar and Narender Kumar 79-110 View Citation NA
9 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2022/Sub/09 Corporate Restructuring in India Sreeja J. and G. Alex Rajesh 111-118 View Citation NA
10 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2022/Sub/10 Entrepreneurial Development of Rural Women in Hisar Imparted with Trainings on Making Wooden Beads Handicrafts Ekta Melkani, Ekta Kapri and Kiran Singh 119-131 View Citation NA
11 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2022/Sub/11 Consolidation and Acquisition of Nationalized Banks and their Effects on Profitability and Shareholder Value: A Holistic Purview Jeyaprabha V. M. 132-152 View Citation NA
12 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2022/Sub/12 Pioneering Food Delivery in the Aftermath of a Global Pandemic: A Case Study of Zomato and Swiggy Mahnoor Sahrash and Anushka Kamashani 153-164 View Citation NA
13 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2022/Sub/13 A Sustainable Supply Chain Management through TQM: A State of the Art Literature Review K. S. R. Sarma 165-174 View Citation NA
14 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2022/Sub/14 A Study of Latest Trends in Indian Rural Markets Scenario Yugandhar Vangaveti, Nageswara Rao Iragaraju, Lakshmipathi Bendapudi and Neelima P. 175-183 View Citation NA
15 VJIM-JPI/Conf-2022/Sub/15 The Impact of Covid-19 on Online Shopping of Consumers and the Factors Influencing Online Purchase Intention Manasa Gowda N. and G. Alex Rajesh 184-189 View Citation NA