Two Day National Conference On Prospects and Challenges to the issues of Inclusive Growth in India

4th - 5th February 2019 , Belagavi , Karnataka , India

Department of MBA, Karnatak Law Society’s, KLS Gogte Institute of Technology

Two Day National Conference On Prospects and Challenges to the issues of Inclusive Growth in India

PRAGATI: Journal of Indian Economy

S.No Paper ID Paper Title Author/s Name Pagination Article View Suggested Citation DOI No.
1 JPI-KLS-001 Problems and Prospects of Power Loom Weavers: A study of Belagavi City Ajay Jamnani, Prajakta Samant, Sujay Nayak 1-12 View Citation
2 JPI-KLS-002 Banking Sector and Financial Inclusion in India Jyoti Talreja, Shivappa 13-24 View Citation
3 JPI-KLS-003 Empowering Women through SHGs and Micro Finance Initiatives in India for Inclusive Growth Nupur Veshne and Sanjeev Ingalagi 25-39 View Citation
4 JPI-KLS-004 Life Insurance and Financial Inclusions in India P. M. Kulkarni, Govindraj Mane 40-55 View Citation
5 JPI-KLS-005 Antecedents and Consequences of Social CRM on Indian Online Retail Industry: A Neural Network Approach Prasad Kulkarni, Joel Gnanapragash 56-68 View Citation
6 JPI-KLS-006 Influence of Social Media on Buying Decision of Customers in Garment Industry Bhargav Revankar, Pratik N Desai 69-78 View Citation
7 JPI-KLS-007 Education for All: Literacy Rate in India - A Perspective Radhika K. R. 79-86 View Citation
8 JPI-KLS-008 A Proposed Conceptual Framework of Factors Influencing Investment Behaviour of Individual Investors Based on Review of Literature Rahul Mailcontractor, Sanjeev Ingalagi 87-103 View Citation
9 JPI-KLS-009 Growth and Challenges of Dairy Industry in India Suryakumar N. Khanai, Vinayak S. Hosamani 104-113 View Citation
10 JPI-KLS-010 A Study on Initiatives and Progress of Financial Inclusion in India Vanishri R. Hundekar 114-124 View Citation
11 JPI-KLS-011 Rural Consumer Behaviour with Regards to Durable Goods Television - A Study with Reference to Dharward District Varadaraja, D., Shivappa 125-136 View Citation