International Conference on Strategic Marketing Initiatives in Emerging Markets (SMIEM)

15th - 16th March 2019

The Business School, University of Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir (J&K), India

International Conference on Strategic Marketing Initiatives in Emerging Markets (SMIEM)

MANTHAN: Journal of Commerce and Management

ISSN: 2347-4440 (Print), ISSN: 2395-2601 (Online)

S.No Paper ID Paper Title Author/s Name Pagination Article View Suggested Citation DOI No.
1 MJCM-Spl6-TBS-13 E-learning Continuance Usage Intentions: An Expectation Confirmation Theory Perspective Neeraj Dhiman, Rakesh Sharma 178-186 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl19.13
2 MJCM-Spl6-TBS-12 Social Media Reach and Its Effects: A Study on Generation Y Parul Sharma, Parul Mahajan 167-177 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl19.12
3 MJCM-Spl6-TBS-11 Engaging Internal Customers through Justice: A Pilot Study in J&K Jyoti Sharma, Meenakshi Nargotra, Rajani Kumari Sarangal 152-166 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl19.11
4 MJCM-Spl6-TBS-10 Distinguishing between Entrepreneurial Sales People and Sales People Based on Salesmanship Monika Suri, Gaurav Ashesh, C. Venkata Ramana 131-151 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl19.10
5 MJCM-Spl6-TBS-09 Impact of the Job Quality on Quality of Life of Employees in the Hospitality Industry Suvidha Khanna, Rahul Sharma 117-130 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl19.9
6 MJCM-Spl6-TBS-08 Exploring Relationship among Green Product Intention and its Determinants Vinay Chauhan, Rohit Bhagat 99-116 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl19.8
7 MJCM-Spl6-TBS-07 Impact of FDI on GDP: A Comparative Study of India and China Arjun Hans, Farah Choudhary 87-98 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl19.7
8 MJCM-Spl6-TBS-06 Digital Marketing and Civic Society- A Case Study Garima Kohli, Amisha Gupta 76-86 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl19.6
9 MJCM-Spl6-TBS-05 Impact of Country of Origin on Brand Placement Efficacy: An Experimental Investigation in Emerging Economies Murtaza Hassan Itoo, Komal Nagar, Raouf Ahmad Rather 58-75 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl19.5
10 MJCM-Spl6-TBS-04 Performance and Execution of MNREGS in Kangra District of H.P. Kiran Lata, Virender Kumar, Jyoti Kachroo 46-57 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl19.4
11 MJCM-Spl6-TBS-01 Social Media Marketing in Creating Brand Awareness and Brand Trust Iesha Khajuria, Rachna 1-18 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl19.1
12 MJCM-Spl6-TBS-02 Impact of Communication Dyads on Healthcare Service Experience P. Suhail, Y. Srinivasulu 19-29 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl19.2
13 MJCM-Spl6-TBS-03 Investigating the Influence of Brand Experience and Customer Experiential Values on Building Brand Resonance Alka Sharma, Vibhuti Jasrotia, Shruti Khajuria 30-45 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl19.3