3rd National Conference on Innovative Management Practices for Sustainable Business Models

19th - 20th February 2020 , Vadodara , Gujarat , India

Faculty of Management Studies, Parul University

3rd National Conference on Innovative Management Practices for Sustainable Business Models

Parul University Proceedings

ISBN 978-81-935730-0-6 ..............Editors: Dr. Bijal Zaveri, Dr. Sapna Chauhan and Ms. Aashka Thakkar

S.No Paper ID Paper Title Author/s Name Pagination Article View Suggested Citation DOI No.
1 JPI/PUP/001 Assessment on Factors Influencing Customer Retention: The Case of Selected Private Commercial Banks in Hawassa City Administration Elias Emiru 1-16 View Citation NA
2 JPI/PUP/002 A Comparative Study of Growth and Sustainability Aspect of Handicraft Industry in Kachchh and Ahmedabad Districts Namrata P. Thakkar 17-20 View Citation NA
3 JPI/PUP/003 A Cross Sectional Study on the Impact of Training and Development on Employees’ Satisfaction in L & T Group of Companies Sharad Kumar Mishra, Preeti Nair 21-35 View Citation NA
4 JPI/PUP/004 A Study on Impact of Time and Cost on India’s Trade: Gravity Model Approach Ashish Bhatt, Bijal Zaveri 36-42 View Citation NA
5 JPI/PUP/005 A Study on the Perception of Human Resources Department at Sun Pharmaceutical Industries towards Human Resources Analytics in the Area of Talent Acquisition and Talent Development Sajam A. S., Preeti Nair 43-58 View Citation NA
6 JPI/PUP/006 A Study on Trend of Voluntary Delisting of Companies in India with focus on financial performance of Delisted companies Dipak S. Gaywala 59-64 View Citation NA
7 JPI/PUP/007 The Role of Women’s Leadership Effectiveness towards Organizational Performance: A Case of Ethio Telecom in Addis Ababa Aselefech Hailgiorgis Belete 65-72 View Citation NA
8 JPI/PUP/008 Big Data for Customer Relationship Management in Banks Amita Garg 73-80 View Citation NA
9 JPI/PUP/009 Consumer Behaviour for Purchasing Gold as an Investment Avenue Ashutosh Gaur 81-97 View Citation NA
10 JPI/PUP/010 Consumers’ Knowledge and Attitude towards Organic Food Products in Surat City Swati Sharma, Anil Kumar 98-107 View Citation NA
11 JPI/PUP/011 Data Envelopment Analysis: A Non-Parametric Approach to Evaluate the Efficiency of Selected Equity Mutual Funds Aashka Thakkar 108-111 View Citation NA
12 JPI/PUP/012 Determinants of Profitability in Hotel Industry: A Case Study in Hawassa City Administration, Ethiopia Ayneshet Agegnew 112-119 View Citation NA
13 JPI/PUP/013 Emerging Issues and Challenges in Indian Banking Sector: With Special Reference to Artificial Intelligence Asmita Mali 120-127 View Citation NA
14 JPI/PUP/014 Evaluating the Impact of Changes in Accounting System on Donor Fund Utilizations: The Case of Southern Regional State Bureau of Finance and Economic Development Taddesse Shiferaw Deneke 128-135 View Citation NA
15 JPI/PUP/015 HRA: An Impact of Recruitment in HR Performance Kamal D. Patel, Jeegnesh Trivedi 136-144 View Citation NA
16 JPI/PUP/016 Impact of Surrogate Advertising: An Empirical Study with Reference to Vadodara Paresh Patel 145-149 View Citation NA
17 JPI/PUP/017 Indian States Performance and Contribution on Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana Pranali Loliyana 150-156 View Citation NA
18 JPI/PUP/018 Practices, Problems and Opportunities of Livestock Marketing in Ethiopia with Special Reference to Borana Zone, Oromia Regional State Feteh Weldesenbet Zebrga, Bijal Zaveri 157-166 View Citation NA
19 JPI/PUP/019 Qualitative Investigation of Cognitive Dissonance in E-Sports among Generation-Y in India Dhruvinkumar Chauhan 167-174 View Citation NA
20 JPI/PUP/020 Reaction of Stock Price to NEWS Related to Renewable Energy Companies in India Divyang Joshi, Tushar Pradhan 175-182 View Citation NA
21 JPI/PUP/021 SMS Messaging – A Mobile Marketing Medium Prashant Amin 183-192 View Citation NA
22 JPI/PUP/022 The Current Situation regarding the use of Shopping Applications in Kigali-Rwanda Valery Nsabimana, Bijal Zaveri 193-200 View Citation NA
23 JPI/PUP/023 The Modern Banking Technology in and around India: Benefits and Challenges Tejal Shah 201-211 View Citation NA
24 JPI/PUP/024 Using Corporate Social Responsibility for Improving Goodwill and Ensure Smooth Operations: A Case Study of Cambay Asset, ONGC A. Srinivasa Rao 212-215 View Citation NA
25 JPI/PUP/025 Value Chain Analysis of Makhana in Madhubani District, Bihar Sugandha R. Sinha 216-222 View Citation NA
26 JPI/PUP/026 Workplace Spirituality and Work-life Balance: An Empirical Introspection in Manufacturing Industry at Vadodara Sapna Chauhan, Param Saraswat 223-230 View Citation NA
27 JPI/PUP/027 ZOMATO: A Sustainable Business Model Jayprakash Lamoria 231-240 View Citation NA
28 JPI/PUP/028 Block Chain Technology for Revolutionizing Indian Agriculture Value Chain Priyanka Maity, Swati Sharma 241-249 View Citation NA
29 JPI/PUP/029 Technology Addiction among Children and Youth: A Study of Related Behavioural Impact Chintan Prajapati, Sonalee Telang 250-257 View Citation NA
30 JPI/PUP/030 A Study on Impact of Social Media on the Buying Choice of the Buyers with Reference to Vadodara City Bijal M. Shah, Ankita U. Parikh 258-263 View Citation NA
31 JPI/PUP/031 The Influence of Organizational Culture on Employee Performance: A Glance on Private Higher Institutions in SNNPRS Sapna Chauhan, Sintayehu Zeleke 264-271 View Citation NA