3rd National Conference on Innovative Management Practices for Sustainable Business Models

19th - 20th February 2020 , Vadodara , Gujarat , India

Faculty of Management Studies, Parul University

3rd National Conference on Innovative Management Practices for Sustainable Business Models

MANTHAN: Journal of Commerce and Management (Special Issue)

Print ISSN: 2347-4440, e-ISSN: 2395-2601 .............Guest Editors: Dr. Bijal Zaveri, Dr. Sapna Chauhan and Ms. Aashka Thakkar

S.No Paper ID Paper Title Author/s Name Pagination Article View Suggested Citation DOI No.
1 MJCM-7-spl20-01 Assessment of Factors Influencing Customer Retention: The Case of Selected Private Commercial Banks in Hawassa City Administration Elias Emiru 1-21 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl20.1
2 MJCM-7-spl20-02 Practices, Problems and Opportunities of Livestock Marketing in Ethiopia with Special Reference to Borana Zone, Oromia Regional State Feteh Weldesenbet Zebrga and Bijal Zaveri 22-35 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl20.2
3 MJCM-7-spl20-03 HRA: An Impact of Recruitment in HR Performance Kamal D. Patel, Jeegnesh Trivedi 36-50 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl20.3
4 MJCM-7-spl20-04 Big Data for Customer Relationship Management in Banks Amita Garg 51-61 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl20.4
5 MJCM-7-spl20-05 The Role of Women’s Leadership Effectiveness on Organizational Performance: A Case of Ethio Telecom in Addis Ababa Aselefech Hailgiorgis Belete 62-73 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl20.5
6 MJCM-7-spl20-06 Consumers’ Knowledge and Attitude towards Organic Food Products in Surat City Swati Sharma and Anil Kumar 74-86 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl20.6
7 MJCM-7-spl20-07 Workplace Spirituality and Work-life Balance: An Empirical Introspection in Manufacturing Industry at Vadodara Sapna Chauhan and Param Saraswat 87-97 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl20.7
8 MJCM-7-spl20-08 The Modern Banking Technology in and around India: Benefits and Challenges Tejal Shah 98-113 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl20.8
9 MJCM-7-spl20-09 The Influence of Organizational Culture on Employee Performance: A Glance on Private Higher Institutions in SNNPRS Sapna Chauhan and Sintayehu Zeleke 114-125 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl20.9
10 MJCM-7-spl20-10 ZOMATO: A Sustainable Business Model Jayprakash Lamoria 126-139 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl20.10
11 MJCM-7-spl20-11 SMS Messaging: A Mobile Marketing Medium Prashant Amin 140-150 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl20.11
12 MJCM-7-spl20-12 Qualitative Investigation of Cognitive Dissonance in E-sports among Generation-Y in India Dhruvinkumar Chauhan 151-163 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl20.12
13 MJCM-7-spl20-13 Reaction of Stock Prices to News Related to Renewable Energy Companies in India Divyang Joshi and Tushar Pradhan 164-178 View Citation 10.17492/manthan.spl20.13