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India’s Exports: Composition and Product-wise Promotional Strategy

Vol 4, Issue 1, January - June 2017 | Pages: 95-114 | Perspective  

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1. * M M Sury, Formerly Reader, University of Delhi, Delhi, India (

For overall export growth, a country needs to focus its promotion efforts on those sectors where it already has the strengths as well as those which have untapped potential. In the context of India, promoting the growth of exports from high value creating and employment-generating sectors with a strong domestic manufacturing base has been the core of India’s overall export growth strategy. This paper discusses some of the promising product areas in India’s exports and the promotional strategies followed to augment them. The sectors for which the analysis has been done include information technology sector, services sector, project exports, gems and jewellery, pharmaceutical industry, engineering goods, electronics goods, textiles, leather products and agriculture exports. The analysis shows that the future export drivers for India will be textiles, engineering goods, including automobiles, capital goods and processed food items.


Exports; Information technology; Services sector; Textiles; Gems and jewellery; India

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