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A Review of Computer Vision Techniques for Fighting Black Fungus

Vol 6 , Issue 1 , January - June 2023 | Pages: 1-10 | Research Paper

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1. * Anurag Kumar, Assistant Professor, ME, Computer Science & Engineering, I.E.T,Bundelkhand University,Jhansi, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India (

This is obvious that no one wants to be associated with the Corona period. Consequently, this study has given the history of black fungus during the Corona period. Additionally, the reasons behind the proliferation of black fungus and the attention paid to its causes and preventions have been explained. In addition, he has studied black fungus and worked on it using contemporary tools like computers. Therefore, we describe in this study how and when to use image processing techniques and procedures to identify hazardous infection, to aid physicians in diagnostics and other activities. Therefore, the rationale for the use of CT-Scan and X-ray was explained, and a study was conducted to show how image enhancement aided at Corona times and how it may aid in the containment of epidemics such as black fungus. It is my hope that researchers working in this field will find a lot of use in this paper.


Black fungus, Computer vision, AI, Corona

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