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3rd International Conference - Impact of Current Events on the Future of Business

VJIM, Hyderabad, a premier B School was established in 1993 to offer quality programs in management education, approved by AICTE, accredited by NBA and NAAC and rated National A** by CRISIL. VJIM aims at grooming professional managers by providing learning opportunities centred on the requirements of industry. A cornerstone for this initiative is delivering education modelled after international standards, steeped in Indian value system. This is facilitated by qualified faculty members with both academic and industrial research expertise and ably mentored by Governing Council members. The institution enjoys 2000+ alumni in the corporate and entrepreneurship with 200+ students graduating ever

y year. Faculty use innovative pedagogical tools and in-depth research to deliver the curated content that help the graduates be industry-ready. Research at VJIM focuses on providing practical solutions to real life business problems. It aims at linking theory with the application dynamics of the industry. VJIM strives to participate in research which the business world can connect with. Innovation and market relevance has been our hall mark.   At the outset, the multifarious Covid-19 pandemic impacted a vast majority of individuals, businesses, and nations, one way or the other. The consequences of the predicament might have impinged various stakeholders in a variegated manner, but none have been exempted. Moreover, the unforeseen fluid situation has precipitated challenges to economies, organizations, and individuals alike. Apart from disrupting economic activities, the ubiquitous Covid-19 has subverted political, technological, social, and cultural domains.  However, the distinctive Covid-19 pandemic has unfurled new-fangled approaches for businesses, employees, employers, and economies, initiating transformation. Consequently, the imperative to perceive, modulate and manage the exigencies has taken centre stage. Identifying the tenable path forward has become the primary focus for all businesses and nations, both big and small. Though not a panacea for every challenge, innovation and adaptation have emerged as the ‘mantras’ for survival and sustenance of nations, businesses and individuals as a whole during the quandary. Technology driven solutions have emerged as the portents of the futuristic paradigms for workplace transformation and business prototypes. We are currently witnessing a demand for smart capabilities powered by Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  In addition, Artificial Intelligence is gaining wider acceptability across the globe thus facilitating product improvisation and customization.  Additionally,  market experts have resorted to empirical testing of these products for their performance and cost-effectiveness. Remote workplaces, which earlier were a distant dream, of late, have been widely applauded, are a consequence of technology. As the time progresses, the need for developing sustainable economic and financial capabilities is increasing exponentially. More than ever, the value of sustainable supply chains driven by quality, quantity and reach is realized now. The prominence of building performance driven organic infrastructure using renewable solutions has gained substantial attention

TIPSCON 2020: 10th National Conference - Society 4.0: A Futuristic Perspective on Nature of Work, Jobs and Skills- Post Covid 19

About the Conference   The concept of 'Society 4.0' is being understood as the societal implications of living with, adapting to, and securing well-being in the digital economy. The digital economy, characterized by convergence of a cluster of technologies- Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Advanced Robotics, Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things etc. have changed the way we work and do business. Production processes, business models, employment conditions, service delivery mechanisms etc. are being reconfigured; thus forcing businesses, organizations and societies to transform in order to adapt to the fast changing scena

rio. These disruptions are changing the way we work, study and do business along with how we live in the society. The anxiety about the future of work and jobs is not new but with 4th Industrial Revolution, the speed with which change is taking place is unprecedented. It is expected that in near future, many jobs and skills will become redundant while many will be created new. Some of the pertinent questions to which answers are being sought include -Do we work along with machines? or Do Machines replace us? As a society and global community, we need to find answers to the above questions, while also being responsible for solving problems like poverty and attainment of Sustainable Development Goals – especially Goal 8 of 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Emerging economies like India are particularly concerned with the aspects like being able to provide 'decent work' to the young population while also not being left out in the race of adoption of Industry 4.0. The changing technological landscape in various arenas makes skill development/enhancement and labor demands unpredictable and variable. Also, the future requires the youngsters to be equipped with 'Skills of the Future'– which poses a challenge for the academia. The World Economic Forum in its report titled “The Future of Jobs -2018” has pointed out the top 10 skills like- creativity, complex problem solving, critical thinking, people management etc. that would be critical to survive in the future work environment. The role of educational institutions is paramount in this regard. It is essential that a collaborative approach is adopted between academic institutions, industry and government agencies to take on the skilling challenge. This Conference is aimed to provide a platform for the deliberations on the above issues like employment trends in future with special reference to emerging economies, the challenge of skill development/enhancement the youth, need for collaboration between academic, industry, government and regulatory bodies that are responsible for quality assurance and enhancement. The Conference will bring together eminent academicians, corporate executives, researchers, technocrats and experts from all strata of technologies for exploring and discussing the disruptions in business environment; particularly in the nature of work with respect to disruptions being caused by Industry4.0 and also currently keeping in mind post COVID-19 scenario.

Glocal Evaluation: Through & Post Covid-19 Times 2021

Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence is located in Pune, India, 200 kms south of Mumbai. Founded in the year 2009, it is a premier Management Institute known for its value-based academic excellence and world class management education, which develops individuals in their skills, abilities and perspectives, with defined pedagogies, resulting in their holistic development. The aim is to bridge the gap between academics and industry practices to nurture “Day Zero” professionals. We offer Post Graduate Diploma in Management approved by AICTE. We also offer two MBA programs: Global MBA from University of South Wales (UK) and International MBA from University of

New Haven (USA). We run various MDP & FDP & short-term courses under Center of Excellence. We conduct intensive commercial and academic research under Centre of Research and Innovation. We consult MSMEs to fuel their growth under the Centre of MSME Excellence. We also have an Executive Chairs Program as a part of the Centre of Excellence. Today, the world of business is faced with overwhelming, competing challenges and uncharted waters as they continue to navigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many organizations are consciously taking measures to come out of the pandemic stronger. Organizations are facing the crisis with a spirit of re-invention — accelerating digital transformation, establishing variable cost structures, and implementing agile operations. Companies are now outmanoeuvring uncertainty by reassessing assumptions, re-evaluating scenarios, and strengthening their ability to sense and respond. Thus, Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence is organizing this Conference on “GLOCAL EVALUATION | THROUGH & POST COVID-19 TIMES” to explore such impact of COVID-19 on the businesses and their resurrection through and post these testing situations.  

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