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Battery Management System Life Cycle Estimation and Degradation

Vol 6 , Issue 1 , January - June 2023 | Pages: 27-32 | Research Paper

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1. * Kanchan Yadav, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering, GLA University Mathura, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India (

An essential component of using electric mobility is a battery management system (BMS), which is used to improve battery quality and guarantee safe operation. To avoid battery failure and minimise potentially dangerous situations, a monitoring system that ensures batteries function properly in the intended application is required. In terms of lifetime, the shelf storage time or calendar ageing discharge rate for primary cells is crucial because it determines how long you can keep the cell in storage before using it. For secondary or rechargeable cells, both calendar ageing and cycle ageing are of interest. The calendar ageing will show how the capacity deteriorates over time, even when the battery cell is not in use. The cycle ageing will show how many cycles the cell can produce at a particular charge and discharge rate. Before the capacity decreased to 80% of the initial Ah value when new, an energy cell would last for 1000 complete cycles and a power cell for 3000 complete cycles. The state of health (SoH) of a battery denotes its practical capacity over the course of its lifespan. It is computed as a percentage decline in comparison to its initial capacity of 100%.


Cycle aging, Charge rate, Discharge rate, Capacity, Battery, Cycles

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