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Technical Insolvency and Growth Analysis of LIC of India: Current Scenario

Vol 6, Issue 1, January - June 2019 | Pages: 96-109 | Case Study  

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1. * Rupa Gupta, Assistant Professor, IBM, GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India (

Human being is the most powerful, intelligent and creative creation made by God. Life of human being is a precious asset which is most valuable along time passes by but the earning capacity will reduce reaching a certain age so financial protection to a person and his family at the time of uncertain risks or damage is required. Life insurance gives the solution of this problem. In the Insurance sector, the most famous and trustworthy organization in India is LIC. Insurance sector plays an essential role to develop of any economy because it mobilizes the small savings and creates the capital formation from it for infrastructure development of the country. Technical Insolvency is that condition of any company when it is profit making company but it is not that condition that it can fulfil their liabilities. In this research paper, analysis has been made to check out the technical insolvency of LIC of India and growth analysis of this unit.



Technical insolvency; Insurance; LIC; Risk; Financial position

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